Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Farewell Entry

It is unbelievable how quickly this semester has gone by. Although I am sad to be finishing up this course, I feel it has made me a better writer and given me skills I can apply to many of my other courses. English 1080 has taught me how to really evaluate poetry and fiction and how to infer many different meanings from the text. I have learned how to compose strong thesis statements and raise important arguments in my essays. I felt there was much accomplished in this course and much I will take away. This course was one of my favorites this semester and I truly enjoyed all of its aspects. I have no criticism to say about English 1080 other than I wish it could have lasted longer. I also enjoyed writing these blog posts every week. It gave me the chance to express my thoughts and opinions through a creative outlet and made the course seem that much more fun. I really felt that through my essay writing and the blog posts, I learned how to voice my opinions and organize my thoughts in a precise manner. I also found the essay writing workshops were very helpful as it was a good refresher and also taught me other things I was unaware of how to do; such as a works cited page. All in all I learned a lot from this course and I hope any other English course I take in the future will be as enjoyable and insightful. And farewell to all of my readers. It has been a pleasure to write a post each week and I am sad to say this is my final one. Thank you to anyone who has taken their time to read what I've had to say. This may be my last blog post but I hope this will not be the last time you hear from me.

Best wishes,